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By John
Hey guys! I need to make some custom protective bags for painted equipment and painted car parts.
I have seen thick vinyl that is backed with a felt like material used on similar bags. I have never been able to find anything like this. Have you guys ever seen this vinyl for sale?

@torriec Do you guys have anything like this?
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The only place I have seen the vinyl with the felt on the back is at places like joann fabrics or hobby lobby. The vinyl on the outside isn't the best quality but with the soft felt on the inside it is nice for making covers. I have used it a few times for making dust covers for equipment. I cant remember, but I think I have gotten this at Walmart also.
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By Susy
Mr. B wrote: Wed May 08, 2019 1:03 pm Charlotte Fabrics 1-800-328-5224 has a line of fabrics called breathables. It is vinyl on the top side and felt on the bottom. It's not cheap.
@John Charlotte fabrics will send you all the samples you are interested in for free......even to canada. They have been amazing to deal with
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