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By Brad
Hi just curious if anyone with a pfaff 145 has Stitch lengths change depending on speed you go. Our machine gets a nice good Stitch length and seems to work great at a very slow speed but is hard to maintain or get that slow speed. As soon as it speeds up the Stitch length gets shorter and starts to pull the bobbin thread up so it's visible on top of the Stitch. Tried adjusting tensions and changing the Stitch length on the reverse handle but seems to do the same thing no matter where settings are. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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By Adam12
I would suggest playing with foot pressure first. Also check thread path, and make sure you have a matched set of feet (dont use the inner foot from one set and outer foot from another). Pictures always help.
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By Mikesimpson
Are you working with some thick material or material with a couple of layers of sew foam behind it? I have found that when I am working on multi layer stuff sometimes I have to adjust the height of my walking foot to get some more lift so it doesn't drag on material causing a shorter stitch length.
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