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By BigRig
My little portable 90lb PSI compressor is not providing enough air pressure to run my angle grinder.

Do you guys have and suggestions for a portable compressor that will run the air grinder for the duration of a job?
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By John
Haha. Air compressors are one of those things that seems like you can never have one big enough! I have a 33 gallon craftsman that Ive been abusing for over 10 years. I love it because it always gets the job done. But I hate it because like i said they are never big enough. I have to wait for it to catch up every so often. They are so loud too. Haha Ive even learned to plan the amount of glue I spray at one time because it will run out of air.

So my best answer I can give is.... Buy the biggest one that fits your budget and the space you have.
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By BigRig
Really good advice! I can actually find a 2nd hand compressor that is big enough and invest in a new long hose and come out on top.
By Scott D
60 gallon tank, 3.7 hp running on 230/240 volts. it will run anything you would have. I also have a smaller 2 hp , 30 gallon tank for my glue and staple gun.
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By BigRig
Thanks Scott for the information. I am holding out to buy a large compressor may as well make it worthwhile for everything.
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By BigRig
@Edgar1985 ,

Thank you for the article. I have a 10 pound compressor and its just keeping up with all I am doing. I would go for a larger tank next purchase.
By Tom Mann
Bigger the better, For air grinders, DA sanders , and HVLP paint guns getting around 20 CFM will let you run continuous
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