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By nanscoha
Hello! I'm new here. Aiming to start up an upholstery business very soon. For furniture, what does one do about fabric sample books? It would be great if I didn't need them, like use an online source instead, but I assume clients want to see lots of options in front of them to choose from. Any tips? Does the upholsterer pay to get them? How many do you really need? They take up a lot of space. Any companies you love and always go to for durable uph fabric?
I've looked at a few companies online and it seems like individual samples may be free at some, but there is a cost for books for upholsterers. But designers can get them for free?
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By Ddedman
I know when I first started up some of the major suppliers would send you sample books once you set up an account with them. Check out Albright Supply, and Rex Pegg Fabrics. Both have been really good about helping out.
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