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By John
Here at The Upholstery Forum we want everyone to feel comfortable to share knowledge and experience, as well as ask questions and start discussions. We welcome all levels of experience and hope to create the best resource for the upholstery community. We can’t do this alone. We need your help! So PLEASE! Ask questions, Share stories, Share your work, Help others in the community, Let us know your suggestions on how to improve the forum and please follow these few forum rules.

1. Be supportive and help the community.
2. Negative posts and comments toward other users will not be accepted here. Everyone should feel comfortable to contribute to the forum as well as ask questions.
3. No advertising your product or service unless it directly relates to the topic of the discussion.
4. Please use the search to see if your question has already been discussed.
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By kamaki48
Hi John. I really enjoy and have learned a lot from your video's. You have very good ideas which I like. Take care and stay safe. Aloha, Tommy Cummings.
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